Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Plenty Of Time - Lost Eddie Vedder's song

"I purchased this demo tape off of ebay 12 years ago. There was limited information from the seller, other than that he purchased it at a yard sale in Montana. One side of the cassette contains three tracks I cannot identify as Bad Radio Songs. The fourth track is the acoustic version of Homeless. The other side of the cassette contains 4 recognized Bad Radio Songs.
The cassette holder is visible in the video. There is writing in white-out on the cassette, which labels one side "Bad Radio", and the other side "The Butts". A written note inside the cassette says "this is the butts first demo. must see live. keep in touch. eddie (phone #)"
If these three tracks are indeed The Butts and not Bad Radio, then I believe it will be the earliest known recordings from Eddie Vedder

Download "Plenty Of Time" song
(as 320kbps mp3; I removed the gaps within the song)

Listen it's original post on youtube

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2008 ITW US Tour leg 2 Compilation

As soon as the 2008 Pearl Jam US tour had been accomplished, Eddie Vedder continued with the second part of his own tour. This time he focused on the East Coast, visiting New York, Boston, Chicago, Toronto and other famous cities. Ed was joined by Liam Finn and Eliza Jane Barnes for back vocals. Set-lists for this tour featured more interesting covers, a lot of Neil Young's songs and some re-arranged Pearl Jam items, such as lullaby version of Better Man. This compilation is more of a romantic selection. Check also rare Ed's song All The Way, which he wrote in 2007 for Chicago Cubs, his favorite baseball team.
  1. (Small Town intro)
  2. I Can't Explain
  3. I'm One
  4. (Walk Hard)
  5. Society  -with Liam Finn
  6. Blackbird
  7. Better Man  -lullaby acoustic
  8. Long May You Run
  9. Old Man  -with L.Finn and E.J.Barnes
  10. Hurt
  11. Ship Song
  12. Helpless  -with E.J.Barnes
  13. Here's To The State Of... George W.
  14. Improv(East Coast)
  15. Small Town
  16. All The Way
  17. All Along The Watchtower