Thursday, March 15, 2018

Some Extras page: 2016/2017 Holiday Single added

The new 2016 and 2017 Ten Club Holiday singles added. They include the cover on Chuck Berry's song  "Around And Around" and the new song "Can't Deny Me". The all-songs archive updated.

Pearl Jam 10C Holiday Singles

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Lightning Bolt Live

Best live performances of "Lightning Bolt" era songs.
  1. Pendulum
  2. Getaway
  3. Mind Your Manners
  4. My Father's Son
  5. Sirens
  6. Lightning Bolt
  7. Infallible
  8. Swallowed Whole
  9. Let The Records Play
  10. Sleeping By Myself
  11. Yellow Moon
  12. Future Days
  13. Of The Earth
  14. Ole
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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Binaural Live (Updated)

This is a compilation of best live performances of "Binaural" songs and outtakes.

Updated to ver. 3.02 (2018-01-09): "Strangest Tribe" added; mp3 tags updated; minor tweaks to some songs
Updated to ver. 3.01 (2015-07-03): "Hitchhiker" added
Updated to ver. 3.00 (2014-12-01). Major update: Added "In The Moonlight", replaced "Soon Forget", replaced all tags, changed songs order in outtakes section, some files taken from better sources, all improvs removed.
  1. Of The Girl
  2. Breakerfall
  3. God's Dice
  4. Evacuation
  5. Grievance
  6. Light Years
  7. Nothing As It Seems
  8. Thin Air
  9. Rival
  10. Insignificance
  11. Sleight Of Hand
  12. Soon Forget
  13. Parting Ways
  14. In The Moonlight
  15. Sad
  16. Education
  17. Hitchhiker
  18. Sweet Lew
  19. Driftin'
  20. Strangest Tribe
  21. Fatal

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

2014 Acoustic Bridge School Compilation

This mini-set comes from the two nice almost acoustic Pearl Jam sets at Bridge School Benefit concerts of 2014. Music is audience audio. This "Hunger Strike" by whole original Temple Of The Dog band members seems to be one of the final ones, if not the final, alas.

  1. The Kids Are Alright
  2. Rain
  3. Given To Fly
  4. Fuckin' Up
  5. Sleeping By Myself
  6. Just Breathe (with Lucas Nelson)
  7. Sirens
  8. Black
  9. Hunger Strike (with Chris Cornell)
  10. Throw Your Hatred Down (with Neil Young)
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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Ten Live (UPDATED)

This is live compilation of the debut Pearl Jam album "Ten" and it's numerous outtakes. Great energy, long jams and mad crowd - it makes Ten Live sound very different. Feel the power of young Eddie's voice early songs, listen to the first ever performance of Mommason Trilogy mini-opera in 1992 Zurich with Eddie's introduction (in full-stereo quality). Enjoy improvisational jams in "Porch" and "Even Flow".

Updated (2017-11-30) to ver. 2.00: Replaced "Release", "Jeremy", "Garden", "Deep", "Let Me Sleep", "Yellow Ledbetter"; removed MTV unplugged songs; changed songs order; swapped left and right channels to their true positions in Zurich songs; various minor improvements; reworked mp3 tags.
Updated (2012-12-03) to ver. 1.03: Replaced "Porch".
Updated (2011-02-11) to ver. 1.02: Replaced "Wash".

  1. Oceans
  2. Release
  3. Why Go
  4. Black
  5. Alive (I'm Not Crazy) (as Mommason Trilogy)
  6. Once (as Mommason Trilogy)
  7. Footsteps (as Mommason Trilogy)
  8. Even Flow
  9. Jeremy
  10. Garden
  11. Deep
  12. Porch
  13. Let Me Sleep
  14. Breath
  15. Brother
  16. State Of Love And Trust
  17. Hold On
  18. Alone
  19. Wash
  20. Dirty Frank
  21. Yellow Ledbetter (Eruption)

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Vs. Live (Updated)

Vs. is all about rage and anger. Vs. Live is even more energetic than the album and it's really amazing, because the band in it's maturity age is able to perform like they still have to prove themselves. They charge, they put pressure. And they have experience now.
Vs. Live is packed with loud singalongs and improv. jams and tags. It's always difficult to choose the best Rearviewmirror jam, but this one is really great. W.M.A. represents re-arranged "tribal" version. Leash is with extended final solo and Indifference is now without Ben Harper (as you may find good duet performance in 2009 Australian tour compilation).
  1. Go
  2. Animal
  3. Daughter (It's Ok)
  4. Glorified G
  5. Dissident
  6. W.M.A. (reworked "tribal" version)
  7. Blood
  8. Rats
  9. Rearviewmirror
  10. (Improv) Small Town
  11. Leash
  12. Hard To Imagine
  13. Bee Girl (Ed & Jeff)
  14. Indifference
Updated to ver. 2.01 (2017-11-08): Fixed "dual mono" bug which made some players play some songs as mono; changed mp3 tags; some minor tweaks.
Updated to ver. 2.00 (2011-06-22): Replaced Glorified G, Leash, Indifference; changed songs order; various changes and tweaks to almost every file.

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Backspacer Live (UPDATED)

Best live performances of Backspacer songs. The End is rearranged and played with string-quartet. Speed Of Sound is finally nice without Boom Gaspar's piano "playing".
Audio mp3
1. Gonna See My Friend
2. Got Some
3. Johnny Guitar
4. The Fixer
5. Just Breathe
6. Amongst The Waves
7. Unthought Known
8. Force Of Nature
9. Improv (Jazz Odyssey - ver. 3)
10. Supersonic
11. Speed Of Sound
12. The End (with strings)
13. Santa Cruz

Updated to ver. 1.03 (2017-10-19): Changed Speed Of Sound, Santa Cruz moved to the end, added mp3-tags, removed optional version
Updated to ver. 1.02 (2011-02-19): Added Santa Cruz from 2010 Bridge School Benefit 1

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

2012 European Tour Compilation

In 2012 Pearl Jam returned to Europe. They toured in Britain, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Benilux and Scandinavian countries, and in autumn they gave four shows in USA. Pearl Jam performed couple of new songs and some rarities like Hitchhiker as well. Also this compilation includes alternated old hits and great loud moments.

  1. Hitchhiker
  2. Rain
  3. Do The Evolution
  4. Ole (with falstart)
  5. (Pulled Up)
  6. Better Things
  7. Nothing As It Seems
  8. Improv (Berlin)
  9. Even Flow
  10. Eruption
  11. Alive
  12. Encore Break
  13. All Those Yesterdays
  14. Bugs
  15. (Why Can't I Touch It?)
  16. Better Man
  17. Yellow Ledbetter

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Saturday, October 29, 2016

2012 Covers Compilation

On 2012 Tour Pearl Jam performed a couple of nice new covers which are collected right here.
  1. Eruption  (Van Halen cover)
  2. (Why Can't I Touch It)  (Buzzcocks cover)
  3. Know Your Rights  (The Clash cover)
  4. (Pulled Up)  (Talking Heads cover)
  5. Better Things  (Ray Davies cover)
  6. Rain  (The Beatles cover)
  7. 99 Problems (with and by Jay-Z)

Sunday, July 17, 2016

2014 Tour page: St. Paul show added (BD)

Visit 2014 Tour page for Pearl Jam video live bootlegs of this year.

Latest updates:
2014-10-19 St. Paul, MN - audience Blu-Ray video added, also DVD, HD

Also available for download:
2014-10-25/26 Bridge School Benefit 1+2 (audience DVD video)
2014-10-20 Milwaukee, WI (audience BD, DVD video)
2014-10-19 St. Paul, MN (audience BD video)
2014-10-17 Moline, IL (audience BD, HD, DVD video)
2014-10-16 Detroit, MI (audience BD, HD, DVD video)
2014-10-03 St. Louis, MO (audience BD, HD, DVD video)
2014-10-01 Cincinnati, OH (audience BD, DVD video)
2014-07-08 Leeds, UK (audience BD, HD, DVD video)
2014-06-22 Trieste, Italy (audience DVD video)
2014-06-16 Amsterdam, Netherlands 1 (audience DVD video)

Friday, May 6, 2016

2015-01-30 Mad Season & Seattle Symphony (with BD)

Mike McCready gathered his Seattle friends to reunite prominent super-groups of the past in which he took part: Mad Season and Temple Of The Dog. They played at famous Benaroya Hall supported by Seattle symphonic orchestra. Opening the show Mike performed his new instrumental song "Waking The Horizon".

This is an audience HD multi-camera edited video of the entire show. Audio is sound-board. Blu-Ray as ISO mixed and encoded by Better Than Nothing Videos. Artwork and primary video footage provided by Monkeewrench. High quality 480p mp4 video ripped from Blu-Ray with generous permission by Better Than Nothing.

1. Waking The Horizon - by the Seattle Symphony featuring Mike McCready and Matt Cameron
2. Long Gone Day - by the Seattle Symphony and Chris Cornell, Barrett Martin, Mike McCready, Duff McKagan and Skerik
3. River Of Deceit - by the Seattle Symphony and Chris Cornell, Barrett Martin, Mike McCready and Duff McKagan
4. I Don't Know Anything - by the Seattle Symphony and Chris Cornell, Barrett Martin, Mike McCready and Duff McKagan (*)
5. Wake Up - by Kim Virant, Barrett Martin, Mike McCready, Duff McKagan and Matt Cameron
6. Lifeless Dead - by Jeff Angell, Barrett Martin, Mike McCready, Duff McKagan and Matt Cameron
7. I'm Above - by Jeff Angell, Kim Virant, Barrett Martin, Mike McCready, Duff McKagan and Tim DiJulio
8. Call Me A Dog - Temple of the Dog
9. Reach Down - Temple of the Dog
10. All Alone - by Mike McCready, Barrett Martin, Sean Kinney, Duff McKagan, Matt Cameron, recorded vocals by Layne Staley
* - Note, it appears that the end solo of "I Don't Know Anything" was re-recorded prior to the release of the album. The solo on the final release does not match the video recordings
of the show. Presumably this was due to a technical issue. The result is the solo appears to be out of sync during the closing moments of the song.

Bonus (only in BD version):
1. "Live at the Moore" Mini Documentary
2. Interviews with Mike McCready and Barrett Martin
Duration: 1:02;  Size: 1,46Gb;  Keyframes = yes
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 852x480 (16:9) 29.97fps overall 3356kbps
Audio: AAC 44100Hz stereo 320kbps
(rapidgator links)
2015 Mad Season Seattle Symphony (mp4).part1.rar
2015 Mad Season Seattle Symphony (mp4).part2.rar

BD (iso image):
Video: MPEG4 (H264) 1920x1080 (16:9) VBR overall 25Mbps
Audio: 0x4448 48000Hz stereo
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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

2012 US Tour Compilation

Best performances from 2012 US and European tours, the last song is taken from Glenn Hansard's pre-set. Pump Organ demo strongly resembles the future "Lightning Bolt" tune.
  1. Tomorrow Night
  2. Improv + Far Behind
  3. Good Woman
  4. I Am Mine (Millworker)
  5. The Longing Goes Away
  6. Starboy
  7. This Land Is Your Land
  8. (Orlando)
  9. Reason To Believe
  10. Everyday
  11. (Loud Uke)
  12. Bugs
  13. Black (with falstart)
  14. Drive All Night
  15. Parting Ways
  16. Immortality
  17. (Pump Organ demo)
  18. Better Man
  19. Hard Sun
  20. Astral Weeks (Smile)

Monday, January 25, 2016

2013 Tour Page: Voodoo Fest video added: HD

Visit 2013 Tour page for Pearl Jam video and audio live bootlegs for this year.

Latest updates:
2013-11-01 Voodoo Festival, New Orleans - webcast HD video added

Also available for download:
2013-12-06 Seattle, WA (audience BD, HD, DVD video)
2013-12-04 Vancouver, Canada (audience BD video)
2013-11-30 Spokane, WA (audience BD, DVD video)
2013-11-26 Oakland, CA (audience DVD video)
2013-11-24 Los Angeles, CA 2 (audience BD, HD, DVD video)
2013-11-23 Los Angeles, CA 1 (audience BD, HD, DVD video)
2013-11-21 San Diego, CA (audience BD, HD, DVD video)
2013-11-19 Phoenix, AZ (audience BD video)
2013-11-16 Oklahoma, OK (audience BD, DVD video)
2013-11-15 Dallas, TX (audience BD video)
2013-11-01 Voodoo Fest, New Orleans (webcast HD video)
2013-10-29 Charlottesville, VA (audience BD, DVD, HD video)
2013-10-25 Hartford, CT (audience BD, DVD video)
2013-10-22 Philadelphia, PA 2 (audience DVD video)
2013-10-21 Philadelphia, PA 1 (audience DVD video)
2013-10-11 Pittsburgh, PA(audience DVD video)
2013 Pearl Jam Week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - broadcast video added, with DVD
2013-07-19 Wrigley Field, Chicago (audience DVD, HD video, audience audio bootleg)
2013-04-06 Lollapalooza, Santiago de Chile, Chile (webcast video, audio)
2013-04-03 Mas Grande Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina (webcast video, DVD, audio)
2013-03-31 Lollapalooza, Sao Paulo, Brazil (great quality webcast HD video, DVD, audio)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

2011 Covers Compilation

In 2011 at PJ20 festival Pearl Jam played some rarest songs from their Temple Of The Dog tribute. "It Happened Today" is R.E.M. song from their last and final album and Pearl Jam performed it at the sad date of R.E.M. cancellation announcement.
  1. Stardog Champion  (Temple Of The Dog cover)
  2. Say Hello 2 Heaven  (Temple Of The Dog cover)
  3. Call Me A Dog  (Temple Of The Dog cover)
  4. All Night Thing  (Temple Of The Dog cover)
  5. Reach Down  (Temple Of The Dog cover)
  6. Hunger Strike  (Temple Of The Dog cover)
  7. Mother  (Pink Floyd cover)
  8. It Happened Today  (R.E.M. cover)
  9. I Remember You  (Ramones cover)
  10. Chloe Dancer + Crown Of Thorns (Mother Love Bone cover)
  11. Search And Destroy  (The Stooges cover)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thursday, August 6, 2015

2011 South American Tour Compilation

In 2011 Pearl Jam visited more new countries in South America: Peru and Costa Rica. All shows were sold-out and the band enjoed even greater support than in 2005. 'Ole' chant after "Black" in Buenos Aires was the longest and loudest ever in the history of Pearl Jam live shows, and Eddie had to say that next time the band would pay instead of spectators.
  1. Unthought Known
  2. Wishlist
  3. World Wide Suicide
  4. You Are
  5. Daughter (It's Ok)
  6. Black (chant)
  7. Better Man (I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend)
  8. Mother
  9. Yellow Ledbetter

Sunday, July 19, 2015

No Code Live

No Code sounds really different live. There is plenty of alterations in songs. In My Tree is "Spanish-like" hugely reworked intense 2006 version with short Boom Gaspar's improv solo in the middle. Off He Goes live is now always played with Mike's multiple solos. Lukin is powered with loud audience vocal help and there is a special slow performance (Lukin II) placed in bonus. Red Mosquito is performed with Ben Harper on lap steel guitar. Also it's always not easy to choose the best version of Long Road because many fine performances are plagued with Eddie's vocal difficulties. I selected this version (from 2005 Porto Alegre, Brazil), because I really love how it sounds with Stone tuning his guitar softer. I Got Id is great old version with different solo from Mike that can't be rivaled by modern performances.
  1. Sometimes
  2. Hail, Hail
  3. Who You Are
  4. In My Tree
  5. Smile
  6. Off He Goes
  7. I'm Open
  8. Lukin
  9. Red Mosquito (with Ben Harper on lap steel guitar)
  10. Present Tense
  11. Mankind
  12. Habit
  13. Around The Bend
  14. Long Road
  15. Lukin II
  16. All Night
  17. Black Red Yellow
  18. Don't Gimme No Lip
  19. I Got Id
  20. Dead Man
Updated to ver. 1.02 (2012-12-14): "I'm Open" is now from 2006 Chicago, "Present Tense" with longer outro is from 2006 Toronto, some minor tweaks.
Updated to ver. 1.04 (2015-07-20): Replaced "Hail Hail", "Mankind" and "Habit", reworked all tags.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

2011 Canadian Tour Compilation

After PJ20 Festival Pearl Jam embarked on a World tour starting it with Canadian shows. They presented live all new song "Ole" and never played before "In The Moonlight" from Binaural sessions. The R.E.M. song "It Happened Today" was dedicated to this magnificent rock band and was performed on a day when R.E.M. announced it's break up, 'calling it a day as a band'. On the other hand, a moment of fun is "Running Back To Saskatoon" song played in Saskatoon and represented in two takes as Eddie forgot the chorus and restarted the song later in that show with the help of the local fan Brian as a lead vocalist. "Rockin' In The Free World" is the longest variant performed in Toronto with the surprise appearance of Neil Young with Mike McCready's guitar jamming on and on and on.
  1. Ole
  2. Last Exit
  3. Down
  4. Improv (Go Jets go!)
  5. In The Moonlight
  6. Running Back To Saskatoon (Failed attempt)
  7. (Improv) Comatose
  8. Search And Destroy
  9. Alive
  10. Running Back To Saskatoon (with Brian)
  11. Bee Girl
  12. Improv (Alpine Valley song)
  13. It Happened Today
  14. I Remember You
  15. Chloe Dancer + Crown Of Thorns
  16. Rockin' In The Free World

Monday, April 13, 2015

Yield Live

Yield is one of the best Pearl Jam albums. Songs from Yield are often played live, and in 2013 Milwaukee the band performed the whole album live in it's entity. "Leatherman" and "U" are really nice outtakes.

This is an updated live compilation (2015-04-12), major update: some songs replaced, almost all files reworked, new tags added.
  1. Intro (Red Dot)*
  2. Brain Of J.
  3. Faithfull
  4. Wishlist (Why Can't I Touch It?)
  5. Given To Fly
  6. Do The Evolution
  7. Push Me, Pull Me
  8. No Way
  9. Pilate
  10. Untitled
  11. MFC
  12. In Hiding
  13. Low Light
  14. All Those Yesterdays
  15. Leatherman
  16. U
* - taken from audience recording

Download rar archive (Rus link)

Download rar archive (rapidgator link)

Friday, February 27, 2015

The Smashing Pumpkins Live

On the tour of 1998 supporting their magnificent and controversial album "Adore" The Smashing Pumpkins enjoyed the most expansive line-up in their history. The tour was entitled "An Evening with The Smashing Pumpkins" and the line-up was: Billy Corgan (lead vocals, guitar), James Iha (guitar), D'arcy Wretzky (bass guitar), Kenny Aronoff (drums), Steven Hodges (percussion) and David Bowie's pianist Mike Garson playing great piano imrovs which had become the most special moments of the tour. Show at Atlanta was packed with altered and rearranged songs and improvs, and considered as one of the most special and amazing Smashing Pumpkins live performances.

Set: To Sheila (7:13), Behold The Nightmare (5:17), Pug (5:12), Crestfallen (4:31), Ava Adore (5:35), Tear (9:56), Annie-Dog (4:25), Perfect (3:35), Thru The Eyes Of Ruby (10:13), Tonight Tonight (4:19), Once Upon A Time (4:35), The Tale Of Dusty And Pistol Pete (4:40), Bullet With Butterfly Wings (11:12), Shame (9:15), For Martha (8:26), Blank Page (9:46), Transmission (25:52)

mp3, 291Mb: New sound-board audio ripped from DVD, no "1979"
Download audio (rapidgator)

Old lower quality sound-board audio, with "1979", with better recorded vocals
Download audio (yandex)