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Holiday Singles (1991-2014)

The full collection of Pearl Jam Holiday (formerly known as Christmas) singles, including all the artwork and cover designs (pics for 2014 Single added), as mp3:

1991 1. Let Me Sleep 2. Ramblings
1992 1. Sonic Reducer 2. Ramblings Continued
1993 1. Angel 2. Ramblings (Fuck Me In My Brain)
1995 1. History Never Repeats (Live) 2. Sonic Reducer (Live) 3. Swallow My Pride (Live) 4. My Way (Live)
1996 1. Olympic Platinum 2. Smile (Live)
1997 1. Happy When I'm Crying 2. Live For Today (REM)
1998 1. Soldier Of Love 2. Last Kiss
1999 1. Strangest Tribe 2. Driftin'
2000 1. Crown Of Thorns (Live) 2. Can't Help Falling In Love Again (Live)
2001 1. Last Soldier (Live) 2. Indifference (Live) 3. Gimme Some Truth (Live) 4. I Just Want To Have Something To Do
2002 1. Don't Believe In Christmas (Live) 2. Sleepless Nights (Live)
2003 1. Reach Down (Live) 2. I Believe In Miracles (Live)
2004 1. Someday At Christmas 2. Better Man (altered, from molo sessions)
2005 1. Little Sister (Live Feat. Robert Plant) 2. Gone
2006 1. Love, Reign O'er Me 2. Rockin' In The Free World (Live)
2007 1. Santa God 2. Jingle Bells
2008 1.Santa Cruz 2.Golden State
2009 1. Turning Mist 2.Hawaii '78 (Live) 
2010 1. No Jeremy (live 1995-06-20 Red Rocks) 2. Falling Down (live 1995-06-20 Red Rocks)

2011 1. Better Things 2. Devil Doll (Sound-check live at 2011-11-09 Curitiba)
2012 1. All Night (live 2011-09-04 Alpine Valley)  2. In The Moonlight (live 2011-09-03 Alpine Valley)
2013 1. 99 Problems (live 2012-09-02 MIA Fest. with Jay-Z)  2. Shattered (live 2013-09-15 Malibu by Eddie Vedder)
2014 1. Imagine (live 2014-07-18 Meco, Portugal, by Eddie Vedder)  2. Pendulumorphosis

2015 1. Wishing Well 2. Redemption Song (Bob Marley cover live by Eddie Vedder & Beyonce at 2015 Global Citizen Festival)
2016 1. Alive (RRHOF Rehearsal) 2. Around And Around (Chuck Berry cover)
2017 Can't Deny Me

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Avocado Rough Mixes

An audio collection of music from Avocado sessions, as mp3

  1. 2x4 (instrumental)
  2. Only Cloud In The Sky (instrumental)
  3. Life Wasted (Rough Mix)
  4. Severed Hand (Rough Mix)
  5. The Bigger Wave (Rough Mix)
  6. Open Door
  7. Rearranged Furniture (instrumental)
  8. Rearranged Priorities (instrumental)
  9. 10 Billion Years (by Stone Gossard)
  10. Lucky 13
  11. Breeze In D (instrumental)
  12. Cold Confession
  13. Let It Ride

2009 Found Dogs Compilation (edited)

This audio compilation is based on Found Dogs compilation with Holiday Singles and other well-known songs removed. All rare and fantastic material remains!
  1. I've Got A Feeling (Ten Japanese bonus track)
  2. Out Of My Mind (Not For You single)
  3. Leatherman (Given To Fly single)
  4. I'm Still Here (Lost Dogs Japanese bonus track)
  5. Sunburn (No Code outtake)
  6. The Real Thing (with Cypress Hill)
  7. Catholic Boy (from Basketball Diaries OST)
  8. Daddy Could Swear, I Declare (from early era)
  9. Anything In Between (Binaural outtake)
  10. Puzzles And Games (Light Years demo)
  11. Harmony (from 2000 tour)
  12. Thunderclap (from 2000 tour)
  13. Foldback (from 2000 tour)
  14. In The Moonlight (demo)
  15. Get Right (demo)
  16. Man Of The Hour (demo)
  17. Rock Around Barack (by Stone Gossard)
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1990 First Week Rehearsal Demo
This is the earliest known studio record of Pearl Jam (that time as Mookie Blaylock) with Eddie Vedder on vocals. In 2002 a cassette dated "10/23" surfaced in trading circles and included all of the songs previously thought to have been sourced from a cassette dated "10/13." The general consensus is that both tapes have the same recordings of the songs, but pinning a date on the session is a mystery. Whether the songs on the tapes are the recordings from Potato Head Basement rehearsals or are from a professional studio session is unknown. Most of the songs are multi-tracked and contain overdubs so it's more likely they were professionally recorded in a studio rather than being recorded live at a rehearsal, but no information is known for sure. Many people believe the recordings on the above-mentioned tapes could have been made anywhere between October 8 and October 22, 1990, right before the first show at Off Ramp Cafe. It's known that Ed took the copy of the results of recording sessions after he returned back to San Diego in late October. And there he dubbed tapes for his friends and also added some extra material. So the recording of 'Weird A' is rumored to have come probably from a different session. Probably, it was added by Ed to the tape later in San Diego, as he was dubbing tapes to give them to his friends. 'Daddy Could Swear' also seems to be added later by Ed from his own demos (possibly from his between Bad Radio and Mookie Blaylock 1990 project Indian Style).

  1. Even Flow 
  2. Once
  3. Breath
  4. Release
  5. Just A Girl
  6. Evil Little Goat   -this unfinished version went directly to 2009 Ten reissue Redux CD)
  7. Alive 
  8. Alone
  9. Oceans   -check nice vocals of young Ed
  10. Black
  11. Yellow Ledbetter (demo)  -very different early short take on this famous song 
  12. Weird A (Animal demo)
  13. Daddy Could Swear  (Gladys Knight and the Pips cover)
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1990 Gossman Project

This is an early compilation of all instrumental demos from "pre-historic" Pearl Jam. It's supposed, they were recorded at different sessions throughout August 1990. Eddie Vedder was still surfing at San Diego gas station. And no drummer hired yet. Matt Cameron (from Soundgarden that time) was only present for two or three days, another drummer was Chris Friel. Sadly, I could find only low quality record (128 kbps).

  1. The King  (Even Flow demo)
  2. Dollar Short  (Alive demo)
  3. Richard's E  (Alone demo)
  4. E Ballad  (Black demo)
  5. Wreck Of Edmund Fitzgerald
  6. Weird A  (Animal demo)
  7. 7 Up  (Pushin Forward Back demo)
  8. Doobie E  (Breath demo)
  9. Agytian Crave  (Once demo)
  10. Times Of Trouble  (Footsteps demo)
  11. Evil E  (Just A Girl demo)
  12. Folk D  (never become a song)
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1989 Eddie Vedder SDP Tape

This is a direct copy of a tape that Eddie dubbed for a co-worker at his old job at San Diego Petroleum, somewhere in range of late 1989 or early 1990. Some songs are well known, but the sound quality is much better. The recording was published at, more information read here. This is 320kbps mp3 audio.
  1. Homeless (acoustic)
  2. Crossroads
  3. Something Inside So Strong
  4. What A Wonderful World
  5. (Chris' Message)
  6. Homeless
  7. What The Funk
  8. Believe You Me (slightly altered)
  9. I'm Alive
  10. Answer
  11. Better Man + Jam
  12. What?
  13. Believe You Me
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1989 Bad Radio - One Step Up (bootleg)

Bad Radio was the first Eddie Vedder's band. He was a vocalist and songwriter for them from 1988 to 1990.  One of his Bad Radio songs - Better Man - Ed re-recorded and released with Pearl Jam. Part of another song - Believe You Me - he performed during his 2009 solo tour.

This is an old fan's bootleg. I think, it contains all known Bad Radio songs with Eddie Vedder on vocals. One Step Up is Bruce Springsteen's song. Once Ed called Bruce and asked for permission to cover his song, but famous rocker did not allow to do it. So Ed home-recorded this song illegally, but the tape was stolen and now we are all happy to listen to this wonderful cover.
  1. What
  2. Believe You Me
  3. Answer
  4. Better Man
  5. Just A Book
  6. Homeless
  7. What The Funk
  8. I'm Alive
  9. Crossroads
  10. Homeless
  11. What The Funk
  12. Believe You Me
  13. I'm Alive
  14. Crossroads
  15. One Step Up
  16. Street Funky Man
  17. Sick Of Pussies
  18. Homeless
  19. Better Man
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