Sunday, May 27, 2012

2005 Covers Live

Tour 2005 (especially Canadian leg) was packed with covers. Some have never been played again. Some popular songs performances were very special: nice slow tempo "I Believe In Miracles", or "Rockin' In The Free World" with rap-like vocal adding from Bono of U2.
  1. I Believe In Miracles
  2. American In Me
  3. Running Back To Saskatoon
  4. Little Sister
  5. Driven To Tears
  6. The New World (with John Doe)
  7. (Ruby Tuesday)
  8. Trouble
  9. Harvest Moon
  10. A Sort Of Homecoming
  11. Fuckin' Up
  12. Rockin' In The Free World (with Bono of U2)
  13. Bleed For Me
  14. Kick Out The Jams (with Mudhoney)
  15. Baba O'Riley
  1. Going To California
  2. Money (That's All I Want)
  3. Fool In The Rain
  4. Thank You
Updated to ver. 2.00 (2012-12-17): massive update: compilation was altogether reworked to sound if like a show, removed songs: "Gimme Some Truth", "Crazy Mary"; added 4 songs from 2005-10-05 Chicago with Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin (audience audio).

Download (yandex)

Download (rapidgator)

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