Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Avocado Live

You can find Avocado on the front cover, and on the back cover, and on the inside cover of Self-titled Pearl Jam album. Its release was followed by the strong solid long 2006 World Tour. Band was on fire, Ed's voice was in top form and songs from Pearl Jam are not too difficult to play. Live songs are very similar to their album versions, but "Come Back" got some alterations in final solo, and "Army Reserve" and "Big Wave" were often played with longer and a bit different outros.
  1. Inside Job
  2. World Wide Suicide
  3. Severed Hand
  4. Comatose
  5. Marker In The Sand
  6. Gone
  7. Parachutes
  8. Life Wasted
  9. Wasted Reprise
  10. Unemployable
  11. Big Wave
  12. (Jeff & Stone rehearsal intro) Come Back
  13. Army Reserve
  14. Guaranteed
  15. No More
Updated (2012-12-09) to ver. 2.02: "Severed Hand" is now from 2006 Toronto, "Wasted Reprise" is from 2006 Chicago, "Big Wave" with 3-guitar outro is from 2006 LA.

Download (yandex)

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