Thursday, October 19, 2017

Backspacer Live (UPDATED)

Best live performances of Backspacer songs. The End is rearranged and played with string-quartet. Speed Of Sound is finally nice without Boom Gaspar's piano "playing".
Audio mp3
1. Gonna See My Friend
2. Got Some
3. Johnny Guitar
4. The Fixer
5. Just Breathe
6. Amongst The Waves
7. Unthought Known
8. Force Of Nature
9. Improv (Jazz Odyssey - ver. 3)
10. Supersonic
11. Speed Of Sound
12. The End (with strings)
13. Santa Cruz

Updated to ver. 1.03 (2017-10-19): Changed Speed Of Sound, Santa Cruz moved to the end, added mp3-tags, removed optional version
Updated to ver. 1.02 (2011-02-19): Added Santa Cruz from 2010 Bridge School Benefit 1

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  1. There's a fantastic version of Speed of Sound from Ed's solo show in Hawaii in 2009. You should check it out. He really sounds like Ed from the past. No joke.

  2. Thank you, I know about it! But initially I wanted to make compilations only from full band shows, so that's why there's no Arc in Riot Act Live. But maybe... If I don't find good version after listening to 2010 tour, I'll check Ed's solo shows.

  3. Thanks so much for this ... Backspacer is becoming my favourite ever PJ album, and after much searching this has provided the live satisfaction I've been craving ... such amazing tracks ... THANKS! Geoff