Thursday, November 30, 2017

Ten Live (UPDATED)

This is live compilation of the debut Pearl Jam album "Ten" and it's numerous outtakes. Great energy, long jams and mad crowd - it makes Ten Live sound very different. Feel the power of young Eddie's voice early songs, listen to the first ever performance of Mommason Trilogy mini-opera in 1992 Zurich with Eddie's introduction (in full-stereo quality). Enjoy improvisational jams in "Porch" and "Even Flow".

Updated (2017-11-30) to ver. 2.00: Replaced "Release", "Jeremy", "Garden", "Deep", "Let Me Sleep", "Yellow Ledbetter"; removed MTV unplugged songs; changed songs order; swapped left and right channels to their true positions in Zurich songs; various minor improvements; reworked mp3 tags.
Updated (2012-12-03) to ver. 1.03: Replaced "Porch".
Updated (2011-02-11) to ver. 1.02: Replaced "Wash".

  1. Oceans
  2. Release
  3. Why Go
  4. Black
  5. Alive (I'm Not Crazy) (as Mommason Trilogy)
  6. Once (as Mommason Trilogy)
  7. Footsteps (as Mommason Trilogy)
  8. Even Flow
  9. Jeremy
  10. Garden
  11. Deep
  12. Porch
  13. Let Me Sleep
  14. Breath
  15. Brother
  16. State Of Love And Trust
  17. Hold On
  18. Alone
  19. Wash
  20. Dirty Frank
  21. Yellow Ledbetter (Eruption)

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  1. I've downloaded this one some while ago and today I've decided (finally) to edit metadata the way I keep it and realize that location of Jeremy performance is missing. If it's not a problem, can you send me an info about that.

    I also want to thank you for this compilations, they've been very refreshing to me. That is because, even thou I prefer listening to whole shows, sometimes live compilations fits better.

    Take care, stay ALIVE!
    ('cos we expect more of this from you),

  2. GoghBGD, all I can say is that this Jeremy is a very good, maybe the best early version. I found it some years ago, when I've only started my compilations, so I don't remember. It's in "true stereo", so today I tried to listen to every soundboard or broadcast bootleg from 92-93, but have not found this Jeremy. This is a mystery to me.

  3. OK, Mike. Thanks a lot for trying. If I somehow find out that I won't forget to forward it to you.