Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2009 Backspacer Tour US Leg Compilation

Backspacer Tour started in Seattle, focusing on the West Coast of USA, and ended with four incredible shows in Philadelphia Spectrum. The final one lasted approx. 3,5 hours and is one of the longest ever Pearl Jam gigs. Philadelphia shows are also famous because the band decided to perform something like their 2003 Boston experiment. Of course, they couldn't play the entire Pearl Jam catalog, but they did almost 100 different songs including some really obscure rarities like the debut of Bugs from Vitalogy. Another pearls for this tour were: the introduction of string quartet to perform The End, Just Breathe, Parting Ways and... Lukin, first time horns on stage for The Real Me and Ben Harper on lap steel guitar on Red Mosquito.
So it was really interesting and special. Maybe some people were alienated by Eddie's usual vocal problems - ACL taping video translation showed how terribly worn Ed's voice was. But both ACL shows were the bottom of his fall. Other shows are better and at Philadelphia 4 Ed was absolutely alright, so together with long and very special set-list it makes this show a true "must have" for everyone. Some more shows were great: Los Angeles 4 and Philadelphia 3.
All songs in "Backspacer section" are different from the ones in Backspacer Live: there is no or almost no Boom Gaspar on The Fixer, Amongst The Waves and Force Of Nature (also with altered solo), Supersonic from Seattle was played with completely different lyrics (only once). Also look for Bugs (full song with falstart first attempt), acoustic Lukin with strings and best version of Jazz Odyssey improv. Red Mosquito with Ben Harper is with longer solo than the one I selected for No Code Live. Daughter with crappy Ed's vocals was taken for very interesting Mike's riff at the end on the song (altered version was then often played in 2010).
  1. Life Wasted
  2. Daughter (Sympathy For The Devil) (W.M.A.)
  3. Supersonic (completely different lyrics)
  4. The Fixer
  5. Amongst The Waves
  6. Force Of Nature
  7. Just Breathe (with strings)
  8. The End (Ed solo)
  9. Golden State
  10. Rearviewmirror
  11. Bugs (full version)
  12. Lukin (acoustic with strings)
  13. Improv (Jazz Odyssey) (version 1)
  14. Red Mosquito (with Ben Harper on lap steel guitar)
  15. Out Of My Mind
  16. All Those Yesterdays
  17. Parting Ways (with strings)
  18. So You Wanna Be A Rock And Roll Star (contains Ed's story: This job I got now I'm never gonna fuckin' quit!)
Updated to ver. 1.01 (24-11-2010): Porch removed; Just Breathe is now from LA4; Bugs is now full performance (with falstart); changed songs order.

Download rar archive (from rus)


  1. Both the main link and magnet link are dead for the Backspacer US Compilation. Can you repost a link. So far, these have been amazing compilations!

  2. Ok, file is reposted. Thanks for your report.