Monday, March 7, 2011

2010 European Tour Compilation

European part of 2010 tour was mainly a festival run with shortened and pretty similar set lists, except only couple of "normal" shows. Also Ed's vocal form was nothing in comparison to previous fantastic US leg. But we cannot rate European tour as a heap of garbage. The first highlight was the debut of brand new song - Of The Earth, maybe the heaviest and most agressive song musically after the Ten era. And this is the first song with improv jam inside after Rearviewmirror! The second highlight was very touching Moment of silence during Berlin show dedicated to "nine friends we'll never know" - the victims of Roskilde tragedy 10 years ago. Next song performed was Come Back and Eddie could not hold his tears during singing. This is why this Come Back is definitely not the best live Come Back, but I strongly believe that this touching performance must not be omitted from this compilation.

As the European tour did not provide too many special songs, I also used songs from 2010 Bridge School Benefit (I had to use these beautiful songs somewhere!). Debut of Santa Cruz, two new great covers, "lullaby" version of Better Man (Ed played it before in his solo shows) are the real pearls for this compilation. And finally I've found a good modern Release not disrupted by Boom Gaspar's piano "playing". :)

My personal favorite show for this tour is Portugal. Also Irish shows were interesting to listen. And, in opposition to fan's reviews, French gig was loud and good.
  1. Release
  2. (Brain Damage)
  3. Corduroy
  4. No Way
  5. (falstart improv) Comatose
  6. Arms Aloft
  7. Even Flow
  8. Improv (Portugal, Portugal)
  9. Of The Earth (with very early lyrics)
  10. Just Breathe
  11. Santa Cruz* (acoustic)
  12. Dancing Barefoot* (acoustic)
  13. Better Man* (re-arranged "lullaby" version; acoustic)
  14. Walk With Me* (with Neil Young; acoustic)
  15. Black* (piano and strings version; acoustic)
  16. (Moment of silence) (dedicated to Roskilde tragedy 10 years ago that day)
  17. Come Back
  18. Yellow Ledbetter
* - Audience recordings from Bridge School Benefit shows.


  1. Hi, thanks for all these compilation. really good.
    what about EV solo performances? are there official bootlegs with EV acoustic rarities (2002,03)? I've got only "you're true" from december 2006.
    best regards

  2. No official EV bootlegs. But there are audience and sometimes broadcast bootlegs for all or almost all EV solo shows. Check Also check 2004 audience boots, as they always include Eddie's solo pre-sets. And check 2007 Immagine In Cornice DVD for two pre-set songs in full-stereo quality (and 2003 and 2000 DVD too).

  3. lisbon was the best european show in 2010, definitely. please share it.