Thursday, December 22, 2011

2008 ITW US Tour Leg 1 Compilation

In the year of 2008 Eddie Vedder embarked on his first ever solo tour supporting his album Into The Wild. The first leg of the tour started in April and was focused around the West coast of the USA. It was called "April Fools Tour" and this compilation is all around funny moments, such as an interactive Let My Love Open The Door performance, Dirty Frank riffs on mandolin, or a joky song for Sean Penn, an author of Into The Wild film and Ed's friend. Also Eddie played lots of new covers never heard at Pearl Jam concerts, and some rarities like a snippet of his old Bad Radio song "Believe You Me".
  1. Walking The Cow
  2. Her Majesty
  3. Growin' Up
  4. If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out
  5. Rise
  6. (Dirty Frank)   -on mandolin
  7. I Used To Work In Chicago
  8. Sean Penn (Bad Acting Hack)
  9. Improv (Barry White)   -mellow pop improv
  10. Improv (God Is In Control / Limit Yourself)
  11. Let My Love Open The Door
  12. Don't Be Shy
  13. I Am Mine
  14. Millworker
  15. Santa Cruz
  16. (Believe You Me) No More
  17. Arc
  18. Yellow Ledbetter   -with Mike McCready


  1. Hey Mike, I'm From Indonesia.... and i just wanna say thank you for all your compilation albums on this blog.

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  2. Thanks for all the great Pearl Jam vids!!!! WOW amazing site!!!
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