Monday, January 25, 2016

2013 Tour Page: Voodoo Fest video added: HD

Visit 2013 Tour page for Pearl Jam video and audio live bootlegs for this year.

Latest updates:
2013-11-01 Voodoo Festival, New Orleans - webcast HD video added

Also available for download:
2013-12-06 Seattle, WA (audience BD, HD, DVD video)
2013-12-04 Vancouver, Canada (audience BD video)
2013-11-30 Spokane, WA (audience BD, DVD video)
2013-11-26 Oakland, CA (audience DVD video)
2013-11-24 Los Angeles, CA 2 (audience BD, HD, DVD video)
2013-11-23 Los Angeles, CA 1 (audience BD, HD, DVD video)
2013-11-21 San Diego, CA (audience BD, HD, DVD video)
2013-11-19 Phoenix, AZ (audience BD video)
2013-11-16 Oklahoma, OK (audience BD, DVD video)
2013-11-15 Dallas, TX (audience BD video)
2013-11-01 Voodoo Fest, New Orleans (webcast HD video)
2013-10-29 Charlottesville, VA (audience BD, DVD, HD video)
2013-10-25 Hartford, CT (audience BD, DVD video)
2013-10-22 Philadelphia, PA 2 (audience DVD video)
2013-10-21 Philadelphia, PA 1 (audience DVD video)
2013-10-11 Pittsburgh, PA(audience DVD video)
2013 Pearl Jam Week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - broadcast video added, with DVD
2013-07-19 Wrigley Field, Chicago (audience DVD, HD video, audience audio bootleg)
2013-04-06 Lollapalooza, Santiago de Chile, Chile (webcast video, audio)
2013-04-03 Mas Grande Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina (webcast video, DVD, audio)
2013-03-31 Lollapalooza, Sao Paulo, Brazil (great quality webcast HD video, DVD, audio)


  1. Argentina DVD part 11 doesn't work. Can you reupload please?? Thanks in advance

    1. I have reuploaded this file. If you still experience problems, report!

  2. You should chek out this page

  3. I've been trying to find an CD (or DVD!) from the 10/22 (night 2) show at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly. They only have up to Oct 19 on the PJ site (not sure how often they update). Do you guys sell your recordings on disc?

    1. Official audio bootleg will be released soon, don't worry.

    2. Mike, I'm working on a PJ Bootleg project and was thinking you could be a good contributor. (and benefactor) Please contact me.